Talk notes: AWF’17 – Chris Kraus, Bill Manhire, Hera Lindsay Bird, Spoken Word

“I cannot draw Hera Lindsay Bird’s face” sounds like the title of a Hera Lindsay Bird poem. I think her resting face looks like generic-pretty-brunette and her uniqueness, what makes her striking, is in her smile. Others disagree. Others say that she could be any pretty girl when she smiles and what makes her fascinating is her non-smile face. Such is the enigma of Hera Lindsay Bird.

In any case, people don’t hold smiles in these things. They stretch up and are lost so the smile I tried to capture was already a memory. I couldn’t check it against a reality. At least I know what went wrong with Bill Manhire. I made his lips too big and too close to his nose.

(The spoken word drawings are me leaning into the fact that I really couldn’t see them. I think they are kind of fun in a people as inaction figures way.)

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