Book Dragons 13: Cards

Book Dragons 013

I’m slightly annoyed at not putting the winning hand on Nana’s cards but I actually didn’t work out what card game they were playing. Poor world building, right there.

Book Dragons 07: Sisterly support

Book Dragons 007

Several people have mentioned to me that they would like to have book dragons. I find this really gratifying. I do not think Ana agrees with us, though.

Book Dragons 05: Split ends

Book Dragons 005

I used a lot more white-out and then a lot more black than I had originally meant to on this page. That’s a really dark classroom they are all sitting in. It can’t be great for their eyes.

Let’s try Book Dragons again

Book Dragons 001

I’m taking another crack at Book Dragons in a way that I hope is sustainable. I kept not being happy with Book Dragons. Then I added colour. Then I added random literary criticism. Then I tried some purely visual abstract story-telling. Then I added a librarian possessed by Book Worms. I’m still not sure if it would have turned out to work but colouring entire pages of narrative comic was just too much for me so I got disheartened and lost the thread.

This time I’m going to stick to the rule that the comic has to be self-contained.

IIML on Mondays: Anna Jackson in conversation with Helen Rickerby

I love the way Anna Jackson’s mind works –  Math as god, allusive seeing motifs and love poetry enabled by a partner disinterested with poetry, among other insights. You can buy her collection of new and old poetry, Pasture and Flock, from AUP and other book stores.