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The delusional narrative of the over-dog, revisited

A couple of years ago I wrote a post on another website about defensiveness, which, if nothing else, proved that I’m never going to be able to get the spelling… Read more The delusional narrative of the over-dog, revisited

What are the otter-dogs?

The otter-dogs aren’t anything, yet. They are becoming something. Sam Orchard said to me that he┬áliked trying to work out if the otter-dogs existed independently of each other or just as a pair. He thought that, “In my mind the otter dogs are both parts of you”. And he’s right about that. They haven’t quite made it past mouth-piece-for-my-musings yet.┬áBut there is a ‘yet’. And I think that they can be both a way for me to sort out my thoughts and be a thing of their own. I think… Read more What are the otter-dogs?

Hiding in plain site/sight

I love that the internet is so dense, with so many competing voices, with so many people trying to crack meme-able/virus-making content that so many things get to sit here, alone. There is a constant fight for the legitimacy that comes with being laughed at or loved that can just be ignored. And I’m sure it is. By many. Many who just have a free website and post stuff with the brash abandon of those who know they will be ignored. I really like the idea that there are wonderful… Read more Hiding in plain site/sight