Otter-dogs 114: Swear

Sometimes both otter-dogs read the same book.

I deliberately didn’t look up the answer.

Update: I have changed ‘tails’ to ‘fails’. Although, etymology tailing them almost made sense in a creepy way.

Otter-dogs 110: Extended cognition

I read an article on extended cognition and have been delighting in the idea that we could get our consciousness on things or that objects could be thinking but we may not recognise it as thinking. It’s not a new idea and as long as I don’t dwell on the objects in my life as enslaved sentient creatures but instead just objects with their own possible inner world, that’s kind of cool.

Also, I was so tired last night when I made this that I called it ‘extended consciousness’. I’m going to leave the mistake as a quirk of my comics having a life of their own as lame and sentimental and crazy as that is.

Otter-dogs 108: Another me

As a thought experiment, this idea may be a little done but I still like the idea that we could be in a Groundhog Day situation and not know it or have been a different person yesterday and woke up in this continuity today. Perhaps if we could conceptualise this as a “veil of ignorance” experiment the world could be a better place, if we genuinely didn’t know who we would wake up as tomorrow but knew that we were going to know that we had changed. Or maybe it would be a tragedy of the commons and we would trash each other’s lives. I’d like to think we wouldn’t, in case we had to come back.