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Category: Otter-dogs

Otter-dogs 86: In ellipsis

I have been reading about time in narrative fiction. According to Genette, the maximum speed of a narrative is ellipsis or omission. This, of course, got me thinking about whether… Read more Otter-dogs 86: In ellipsis

Otter-dogs 85: I’m me

A friend said to me recently that point of view is the single most important question in storytelling. That wasn’t at the top of my mind when I wrote this,… Read more Otter-dogs 85: I’m me

Otter-dogs 84: Uninspiring

There’s a bit in Garden State, a bit that if you have seen the film you probably remember, that was my first-contact with the manic pixie dream girl type. Natalie… Read more Otter-dogs 84: Uninspiring

Otter-dogs 83: I’m taken with you

I became alarmed, a while ago, with the phrase “I’m taken with you”. I began to have images of mutually assured abduction, as if by saying the phrase¬†you were implicating… Read more Otter-dogs 83: I’m taken with you