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Category: Notes

IIML on Mondays: Anna Jackson in conversation with Helen Rickerby

I love the way Anna Jackson’s mind works –  Math as god, allusive seeing motifs and love poetry enabled by a partner disinterested with poetry, among other insights. You can buy her collection of new and old poetry, Pasture and Flock, from AUP and other book stores.

IIML Mondays: Harry Ricketts

My main takeaway from Harry Ricketts and Jane Stafford discussion about poetry was that it would be nice if more people read poetry. Either that or fewer people need to… Read more IIML Mondays: Harry Ricketts

Talk Notes: Me, Jem and Giselle

Jem Yoshioka, Giselle Clarkson and I did a comics talk a few weeks back. I attempted taking notes while being on stage. It was all very meta. There was some… Read more Talk Notes: Me, Jem and Giselle

Winter Eyes: Harry Ricketts poetry launch

Featuring Fergus Barrowman, James Brown, Therese Lloyd, Anna Jackson, Hannah Mettner AND Harry Ricketts. You can buy Winter Eyes, here. All, except Harry, started with a poem about poetry readings.