Litcrawl ’18: Kaveh Akbar with Kim Hill

“Why am I talking about myself in the second person?” – Kaveh Akbar

(I think Kim Hill might have interesting linguistic effects on poets – someone should do a study.)

So good.

BWB Winter Series – False Divides: Lana Lopesi in conversation with Emma Ng

I really didn’t feel like I was doing these two amazing women justice. Mangled faces and quotes. You best go buy their very affordable BWB books, False Divides and Old Asian, New Asian from Unity Books.

IGPS: Mike Joy and Nathan Surendran talk Biophysical Economics

Apparently our non-renewal use is like having 147 slaves each. And if you think renewables are going to save us, you need to consider that we currently need the non-renewables to make things that will capture solar and wind energy.

(If the image is too small, try opening it in a new tab. I may have to divide it up.)